Grade 5 Solutions
S.A.M.F Maths Challenge
2017 Round 1
Solutions for this paper can be found on some experimental Youtube videos
(Note: Find a wiFi hotspot or some uncapped data. Video clips are 30-60Mb
Click on the RED links.

If the links still don't connect you, look for a channel on Youtube under
the name of "Maths Astronaut".
Q.1 A Q.2 B Q.3 D Q.4 C Q 1 - 4
Q.5 A Q.6 C Q.7 B Q.8 E Q 5 - 8
Q.9 B Q.10 C Q.11 B Q.12 B Q 9 - 12
Q.13 B Q.14 C Q.15 B Q.16 A Q 13 - 16
Q.17 C Q.18 D Q.19 E Q.20 D Q 17 - 20